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Introducing CSensorNet - The Industry’s first AI Powered IoT Platform

Clovity has engineered the ultimate IoT platform and services offering that provides Hardware/Sensors, IoT software, Cloud storage and computing (Azure/AWS) and Network Connectivity all under one umbrella for a single monthly per device cost. Are you working with an existing provider? No problem, our Open Source platform and services fits into any existing model.

Clovity has engineered our ‘Edge to Experience’™ accelerator platform for IoT enablement called CSensorNet. The Platform is built leveraging an Open Source stack that integrates hardware, AI and Cloud with real-time data aggregation. Customers can now deploy computation at the Edge, providing real time data in actionable form.

Clovity’s Professional Services organization manages and implements the platform specifically for enterprise integration, device management, data security, AI and business intelligence and visualization.


CSensorNet Edge Agent

Introducing the CSensorNet Edge Agent

Clovity’s proprietary software CSensorNet offers an array of edge capabilities through their Edge Agent. Whether it is data filtering or enrichment, workflow management, edge analysis, bi-directional communication, data storage and encryption, seamless API transmission capabilities, reports, or governance functions, having the capability to perform these functions at the moment of ingestion is crucial to delivering a successful ROI.


CSensorNet Configuration Platform (CCP)

Introducing CSensorNet Configuration Platform

The CCP platform was built with our users in mind. While Clovity will assist completely in the roll out and provide any support needed throughout, setting new alerts and adding new devices should be easy enough for developers to accomplish with minimal effort. By creating a sophisticated User Interface that allows for management of alerts, devices, and users as well as templating models and governance features, we have put control back in the hands of those supporting the system day to day.


CSensorNet DataInsights

Introducing CSensorNet’s CDataInsights Platform

No IoT solution is complete without the ability to visualize, analyze, and make sense of the data that is being pulled in by sensors and edge devices out in the field. Also, without the ability to coordinate or draw conclusions from this data quickly, again a solution falls flat. Clovity’s CDataInsights is a powerful tool enabling the end to end solution capabilities of IoT systems to ensure maximum value is derived from the data being received.


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