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AI and Machine Learning Capabilities

Create automated and precise actions based off sensor readings.


Introducing Clovity's CSensorNet

Clovity has engineered the ultimate IoT platform that addresses integration, device management, data security, data actions and user experience. Clovity’s professional services manages and implements CSensorNet and subsequent modules CDataInsights and Edge Agent. Clovity has engineered our ‘Edge to Experience’™ accelerator platform for IoT enablement called CSensorNet. The Platform is built leveraging an Open Source stack that integrates hardware, AI and Cloud with real-time data aggregation. Customers can now deploy computation at the Edge, providing real time data in actionable form.

Clovity’s CSensorNet IoT Platform is made up of 3 major components, CSensorNet Edge Agent (CSNEA), CSensorNet Configuration Platform (CCP), and CDataInsights (CDI). Our Edge Agent is responsible for delivering machine learning and compute to intelligent devices out in the field enabling real time data analysis, triggers, and event warnings. It can effectively push or pull newly trained or refined algorithms to continually provide better data output. Our CCP module allows quick on-boarding of sensors, encryption layers, protocol translation, workflow diagrams, and enables the set up of alerts as well as triggers within a cloud environment if not done at the edge. This platform is incredibly easy for developers to grow the connected device account, monitor these devices, and enhance the functionality of the IoT system. Lastly, our CDI module is responsible for housing all of the components of analysis from visualization to data algorithms. From advanced machine learning to AI plug in capabilities, data can be processed and displayed quickly sifting through the noise and getting to the core data that is required.

CSensorNet can accelerate the implementation and visibility of actionable data from smart sensors in your environment within days not weeks. The CSensorNet platform offers bundles with numerous industry leading hardware providers to provide vertical solutions such as Smart Farming, Smart Building, Smart Hospitals, Smart Industrial, Smart Fleets and processing millions of transactions daily through thousands of devices.

CSensorNet Features


There are numerous IoT solutions in the market and each IoT solution has its pros and cons. Our solution was conceptualized by concentrating on certain critical IoT solution qualities that would evolve into the cornerstones of CSensorNet.

We wanted the solution to be scalable, secure, easy to set-up, and facilitate integration with 3rd party systems. The image below would help you understand the features that are part of the CSensorNet ecosystem. S.A.F.E.D.A.T.A is the acronym which we coined to help understand the pillars on which CSensorNet has been constructed.

S: Scale, A: Accelerate, F: Facilitate, E: Envision, D: Drag & Drop, A: Actionable Intelligence, T: Transmission Security, A: Affordability

Accelerator Accelerator

Facilitator Facilitator

Envision Envision

Drag & Drop Drag & Drop

Drag &
Actionable Intelligence Actionable Intelligence

Transmission Security Transmission Security

Affordable Affordable


CSensorNet Core


Core is the most important component of the entire CSensorNet solution. It holds some of the most important modules that any IoT solution is made of. CSensorNet platform includes easy to use workflows for Device Management, Sandboxing, Encryption, Connectivity, and Workflow management modules. Machine Learning algorithms, Reporting, and Edge Device Management modules enable stakeholder notification, critical event updates, automation and rule based actions all orchestrated in real-time. The Edge Device Management module provides seamless Push & Pull workflows to edge devices enabling automatic provisioning of intelligent edge devices out in the field remotely.

CSensorNet Core Primary Components:


CSensorNet's Edge Agent, Configuration Platform, and CDataInsights modules build out a fully customizable, end-to-end IoT solution with edge computing out of the box.

Clovity has precisely engineered the critical components of every ROI driving IoT solution. With CSN's Edge Agent companies and cities are able to keep data processing local and triggers almost instantaneous. The Configuration Platform enables easy drag-and-drop workflows, quick device management, and new data triggers to be added. CDataInsights provides the device and cloud computation required to derive important insights from mass sensor data with sophisticated and user friendly dashboards.

Edge Agent
Edge Agent
Node-red Edge Agent

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CSensorNet Configuration
CCP Dashboard

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Edge to Experience- How Sensors, Gateways, Edge Devices and the CSensorNet Platform Come Together to Deliver an Enterprise IoT Use Case End-to-End

A Connected Edge-to-Experience AI Powered IoT Platform - A Decoupled, Scalable Architecture with Dashboards, Actionable Alerts, Device Governance, Reporting and pre-Integrated with all Industry Protocols.

bunddle diagram


Our Partner Ecosystem integrated with CSensorNet to provide end-to-end Enterprise IoT Solution.

CSensorNet PP&A
CSensorNet Windstream
CSensorNet Qualcomm
CSensorNet Sonitor
CSensorNet Conectric
CSensorNet Next Degree
CSensorNet Lunar Outpost
CSensorNet Aeris Weather
CSensorNet Nova
CSensorNet Positioning Universal
CSensorNet Seek Thermal
CSensorNet Open Options Access Technology
CSensorNet Kronos
CSensorNet HID
CSensorNet Digital Metter





  • 1 simple adapter
  • Normalization is well defined
  • Rules are available out of box
  • Only basic branding updates required
  • Analytics are out of the box

Up and Running in Hours
6 Weeks to Prove ROI



  • 2 simple adapters or 1 complex adapter
  • Normalization is medium
  • Rules are available out of box or minor customizations
  • Visualizations are branding and layout
  • Analytics are out of the box

Up and Running in Hours
8 Weeks to Prove ROI



  • Multiple complex adapters
  • Normalization is complex
  • Rules are available out of box or minor customizations
  • Visualizations are branding, layout and new
  • Analytics are custom

Up and Running in Hours
19 Weeks to Prove ROI

CSensorNet IoT Pricing


Get Kosmos working at a low cost

  • No-Code development platform
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Email alerts
  • Power/connectivity outage alerts
  • Cloud-based data storage
  • Up to 10 Devices
  • Limited time offer


Scale up your IoT system

From $150/mo
  • All Starter plan features
  • Custom data logging intervals
  • Unlimited historical data export
  • SMS alerts
  • Remote device control
  • Standard support
  • First 10 devices included


Customized to your needs

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  • All Essential plan features
  • Predictions powered by machine learning
  • Automatic anomaly detection
  • Customized insights & data reports
  • Third party data integrations
  • Premium support
  • Limited time offer

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Using CSensorNet is simple and turnkey, however there are times when Clovity may need to step in to help with a particular integration or feature set up. The development experts at Clovity can guide or take over the action to ensure that CSensorNet is fitting our clients needs precisely. Reach out to us for help, we are always ready to assist.

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