CSensorNet Configuration Platform

CCP is a powerful tool for developers enabling seamless administration of their IoT systems with the ease of Drag & Drop.

An IoT solution is only as good as its ability to be changed, updated and configured with ease. Since large solutions could consist of thousands of sensors or more, a sophisticated front end is necessary to ensure all aspects of the system are delivering the value that was intended. With our CSensorNet Configuration Platform, getting up and running as well as adding devices or automated alerts to the solution is seamless. Keep in mind that for our platform all maintenance and upgrades are free.

Introducing the CSensorNet Configuration Portal (CCP)

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Alerts Management

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Device Management

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User Management

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Introducing CSensorNet Configuration Platform

The CCP platform was built with our users in mind. While Clovity will assist completely in the roll out and provide any support needed throughout, setting new alerts and adding new devices should be easy enough for developers to accomplish with minimal effort. By creating a sophisticated User Interface that allows for management of alerts, devices, and users as well as templating models and governance features, we have put control back in the hands of those supporting the system day to day



By enabling our customer’s to make changes and on-board new devices easily, CCP gives the power back to the user. With full governance capabilities, users are able to harness the power of CSensorNet in ways not offered by many other platforms on the market and customize it quickly to their needs. As their solution grows, they are able to quickly accommodate these changes without constant professional service initiations.

Clovity’s goal is to enable business through IoT whether their employees or customers are aware of our involvement or not. Our option of white labeling our CCP platform ensures that companies can use our platform any way that they see fit and make it their own. With pre-built dashboards and analytics, along with being able to completely customize new dashboards and analytic algorithms, CDataInsights gets analytic capabilities spun up quickly even for bespoke use cases.

Connect With CSensorNet Experts

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Using CSensorNet is simple and turnkey, however there are times when Clovity may need to step in to help with a particular integration or feature set up. The development experts at Clovity can guide or take over the action to ensure that CSensorNet is fitting our clients needs precisely. Reach out to us for help, we are always ready to assist.

Request a Demo of CSensorNet

Nothing is better than seeing a particular technology in action to judge its value. Schedule some time with our CSensorNet experts to show you how our solution can bring your connected device initiatives to life in a matter of days or weeks, not months or years.

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