CSensorNet CDataInsights

Pre-Built and Custom Data algorithms, analysis, as well as sophisticated visualization tools come together to create a powerful insights platform.

One of the most powerful components and ROI driving modules of CSensorNet is our CDataInsights platform. This robust platform easily and efficiently analyzes the data coming from a vast variety of sensors and displays that data in ways which are easily digestible and highly customizable.

CDataInsights Key Features

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Introducing CSensorNet’s CDataInsights Platform (CDI)

No IoT solution is complete without the ability to visualize, analyze, and make sense of the data that is being pulled in by sensors and edge devices out in the field. Also, without the ability to coordinate or draw conclusions from this data quickly, again a solution falls flat. Clovity’s CDataInsights is a powerful tool enabling the end to end solution capabilities of IoT systems to ensure maximum value is derived from the data being received.



By utilizing comparative analytical algorithms, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, or AI, CDI is capable of analyzing massive data sets, understanding critical thresholds, and drawing conclusions across a variety of data sets from different systems. As IoT becomes more ubiquitous, data sources flowing in will continually increase and these data sets will become ever more complex. Data contingencies and correlations from one sensing parameter to another will produce succinct and holistic snapshots of the environment in which these devices are operating as well as a multi-dimensional view of the situation.

Each use case in IoT has its own unique solution requirements. CDI and the CSN platform have been created to very easily conform to the use case prescribed. Although there are multitudes of pre-built dashboards, reports, analytics, algorithms, APIs and dashboards for our clients to use out of the box, each of these components can be fully customized to meet the needs of the use case with minimal effort.

CDataInsights Platform

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Edge to Enterprise

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Continual Remote Software

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APIs - what are
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Multitenant, Archival,
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Using CSensorNet is simple and turnkey, however there are times when Clovity may need to step in to help with a particular integration or feature set up. The development experts at Clovity can guide or take over the action to ensure that CSensorNet is fitting our clients needs precisely. Reach out to us for help, we are always ready to assist.

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